Our Difference

Why are we different?

  • We are a small, family owned and operated dental practice. We are not owned by a large corporation.
  • You will see the same dentist of your choice at every visit, not a different dentist every time.
  • We don’t delegate any treatment to dental hygienists or therapists. Instead only experienced dentists will complete all your dental treatment.
  • We don’t send any laboratory work overseas. Instead we support local laboratories that use first class materials and expert workmanship.
  • We are patient-centred, not dollar-centred.
  • We recommend treatment that you actually need, not treatment we would like you to have.

  • Our treatment is evidence-based and focused on minimal intervention principles.
  • We promote preventive dentistry that will minimise the need for future interventions thus saving you time and money in the long term.
  • We treat the whole patient taking medical conditions into consideration. We will liaise with your own GP doctor if necessary.
  • We are not controlled by a major health fund. Instead, we are a completely independent dental practice.